Professional Photographer Discovers Hack For Anyone Who Routinely Hates Their Own Photos


Professional Photographer Discovers Hack For Anyone Who Routinely Hates Their Own Photos

Denver, CO, USA – October 28, 2022

It can be said that most people don’t like to be photographed. They don’t feel photogenic, and they really don’t like how the portraits and images come out. This may be especially true of women, at least in the experience of the award-winning Denver Headshot Company.

Jackie Zoeller, owner and chief photographer of Denver Headshot Co, always wondered why that was. What makes an objectively good photo bad? Denver Headshots has discovered something unexpected as the result of an internal experiment, and it’s been powering a surge in customer satisfaction.

Armed with her camera and remote control, Zoeller started tackling a question many people have, including herself. ‘Why don’t I like my own photographs?’ Despite preaching the value of a photo for many years, Zoeller struggled to get a photo that she felt confident in. According to her, she never knew what other people were thinking about this photo, and all she could focus on was her physical appearance. “Not liking my hair or my smile, …was that shirt the right one to wear?“ she said, expressing a former spiral of doubt.

Trying several different smiles, poses, and outfits, she took numerous photos, and despite misgivings, she was still able to objectively determine the good photos among them and took them to her staff. What happened next, she couldn’t have expected.

Photos that were not loved by the person being photographed gave a whole different impression to someone else. Where Zoeller saw what she didn’t like about the photo, a subordinate saw something completely different. Where Zoeller saw just herself, a coworker perceived confidence, approachability, and warmth, in one photo, and saw fun, amiability, and cheer in another. The resulting talk and discovery led to recognition; it’s incredibly difficult to be objective about something personal like a portrait, or in this case, self-portrait. Most everyone is faced with subjective feelings about their own photographs and seldom look for other perspectives.

Any person is liable to look at an image of themself, and be critical and subjective. They often are blinded only by flaws, flaws that may only exist in their mind. We all know someone who doesn’t like something about themselves, but it turns out that extends into their opinion of photos too. And that led Jackie Zoeller and her team to try something new in customer sessions.

Knowing that people go into photography sessions expecting to not like the outcome, a new process was introduced that led to big results. It’s no longer just about the light, outfit, and background, or even the pose. Denver Headshots decided to tell their customers how their photos made the photographer feel, someone who didn’t know them and can be far less biased. Where someone might not like their own photo for whatever reason, a stranger can have a very different perspective. And sharing those views has made a huge difference.

That’s right, all it took for someone to love their photos more was an impartial party telling them what they see in the photo. Just saying to a customer that their photos show off a bright personality, creative thinker, and professionalism made them think less about the reasons the photo was bad, and far more about why it was good. It’s even turned into an opportunity to ask someone how they want to look before that photo is taken, which can further help Denver Headshot Co direct and compose these portraits so that the end results make the subject every bit as happy as the photographer.

Denver Headshot Co is thrilled to be able to make people happier with their photography sessions, and maybe in small ways, helping a healthier self-image along the way. If your last photography session left you with only images you didn’t like, let someone else give you their opinion. If you still don’t feel better about them, give a call to Denver Headshot Co of the Mile High City.


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