John Bolton: – – Most likely with nuclear weapons

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian defense forces have recaptured dozens of villages in the east and south of the country.

At the latest Tuesday evening, the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged that Ukrainian forces have done so recaptured areas in Kherson County in southern Ukraine.

During a press conference at the ministry, a map was shown showing that the village of Dudchany on the west bank of the Dnipro River is no longer controlled by Russian forces.

A senior Ukrainian Interior Ministry official said at the same time that Ukrainian forces have recaptured more than 50 villages and settlements in Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian News Agency reports. Interfax. It has not been confirmed by independent sources.

Russia believes Zelenskyy should be replaced

Big problems

John Bolton, who was UN ambassador under former President George W. Bush and Donald Trump’s national security advisor before turning against Trump, says News from heaven that Russian President Vladimir Putin now has “bigger problems than at any other time since the invasion.”

In addition to the problems on the battlefield, rumors circulated during the war that the Kremlin does not support Putin’s war.

A source close to the Kremlin recently told The Guardian that several people have entered even the Russian elite must be shocked on what has happened in recent months.

– A little more likely

Bolton believes that of Putin the annexation of four Ukrainian territories it was intended as an encouragement to the Russian forces.

– But the fact is, at least according to Putin’s worldview, that now the battles are taking place on “Russian soil”, and the Russian military is not doing very well, he says, and adds:

– So I definitely think that adds to Putin’s problems in Russian politics and makes the use of a tactical nuclear weapon a little more likely to be possible, Bolton says.

Tom Røseth, chief intelligence lecturer at the Norwegian Defense Academy, previously told Dagbladet that he believes the kind of setback the Russians are experiencing now means tactical nuclear weapons are considered to a greater extent in the Kremlin. but that still is “very far from nuclear weapons”.

– I think it is too early, the areas are not yet formally Russian and await the ratification of the Duma and the Federation Council, said Røseth.


Threatened the West

It’s been less than two weeks Putin threatened the West with nuclear weapons. She did so in the same speech where he also announced a partial mobilization.

– I would like to remind the West that our country also has various weapons of destruction and that in some cases these are more modern than NATO weapons. We will use all means at our disposal to secure our homeland, our sovereignty and our freedom, Putin said, adding:

– I’m not bluffing.

Russia has one the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons – something Putin does not keep a secret at all.


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