“IPhone tourism exploded in Turkey with the effect of taxes”



newly released iPhone 14 It is reported that iPhone tourism has exploded in Turkey with the effect of models and taxes.

According to the news of the world The high tax rate applied on smart phones, the installment limit and the price difference when compared to abroad (Many high-end phones are still cheaper when bought abroad), has exploded the supply area by alternative means. According to the information obtained from the sector, this year 3.9 million of cloningif the passengers brought with them phones 500 thousand pieces expected to exceed. While organizing mobile phone buying tours abroadaccording to the news currently for passport registration Greek Islands, Northern Cyprus and Georgia Records are broken in entry and exit from countries such as

Some comments on this Mustafa Kemal Turnacı, President of Mobile Communication Tools and Information Technologies Businessmen Association (MOBISAD), “Mobile phones are imported in most countries, but they are also strategically important for the future. Those who use it effectively will have a say in the technology of tomorrow. As a matter of fact, this strategic product should be evaluated in terms of its added value rather than the perception that it increases the current account deficit. In addition, the share of the mentioned product in total imports is below 1 percent. said.


Turner is also “According to many studies, people prefer to be hungry rather than be without a mobile phone. Despite nearly 11 million official sales this year, with the most optimistic forecast, cloning is expected to reach 35 percent (3 million 850 thousand) and the number of passengers to reach 500 thousand. Both are record levels. Here, both the country, the citizen and the industry are losing.” also in the statement.

Emphasizing that 5G should not be talked about if cloning cannot be resolved, Turnacı said in addition to the above. “This problem has not been solved for 15 years. It is not possible for the sector, which is more than 35 percent unregistered, to survive. In addition, due to high taxes, mobile phone tours abroad have become organized. Daily visits to the Greek islands are breaking records. Consumer loans for such products are breaking records. There are citizens who receive phone calls with usurer interest. We are observing, we are facing each other.” also made the statement.


Your new iPhones “gives pain” If we briefly recall the prices in Turkey iPhone 14 30,999 TLIt starts from. Starting price for 14 Plus 34.999 TL. Getting Started for 14 Pro 39,999 TL. 14 Pro Max on the other hand 43,999 TLIt starts from. This model is amazing at the top 57 thousand TL’it goes up to.

Here are the special statements from Apple for the new phones:

14 and 14 Plus: Adding a new and larger 6.7-inch size to the popular 6.1-inch design, the new models come with a new dual camera system, Traffic Accident Detection, a smartphone industry-first security service with Emergency SOS via satellite, and the longest battery life in iPhone.


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